Moving with Your Family to a New Location? Don’t Forget These Four Things

29 July 2016
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Moving your family to a new town, city, or state can be a stressful and exhausting process. One of the most exhausting aspects of moving is packing and storing your items properly in preparation for the move. There are important things that many people forget to do during a move and only remember after settling in the new location. Read on to find out important things that you shouldn't forget to take care of when moving to a new home. Read More 

How to obtain accurate removal quotes

30 June 2016
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Moving home may be an overwhelming experience, therefore it's vital to steer clear of any nasty surprises as regards the total cost charged by your removalist. Here are four important tips to help you make sure the quotes you obtain are accurate.   Removal survey A pre-move survey allows your potential removalists to examine the volume of house items you intend to move. As a result, they can provide you with an accurate price quote. Read More 

5 Top Tips For Packing Your Garage

22 June 2016
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Moving the contents of your garage can be an intimidating task, especially if you've accumulated a lot of junk.  Here are five top tips on how to make your garage move go smoothly. Preparation and planning Well in advance of your moving date, spend a day or two sorting through the contents of your garage and throwing out everything that you don't need.  If you're inclined to be a magpie and accumulate heaps of stuff that you never use, be ruthless and hire a skip! Read More 

A Few Important Factors to Remember When Buying Wood Shipping Crates

10 June 2016
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Wood shipping crates can be a must-have for any item you're shipping and that can't be shrink-wrapped; machinery and delicate items may be damaged if the wrap attaches to them, which is why wood shipping crates are still a popular item for many warehouses and production facilities. When you're in the market to invest in some wood shipping crates, note a few important factors to remember so you ensure you get the right type for your particular needs. Read More 

Avoid These Mistakes When Trying to Save Money on a Removalist

24 May 2016
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Moving to a new home can be expensive, which is why many people look to save money when moving, however possible. You may be thinking you can trim or cut the costs of working with a removalist with a few simple tricks; while there are some things you can do to save money on this, there are a few things you also want to avoid. Note some of them here and why it's important to reconsider these plans. Read More