Moving with Your Family to a New Location? Don't Forget These Four Things

29 July 2016
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Moving your family to a new town, city, or state can be a stressful and exhausting process. One of the most exhausting aspects of moving is packing and storing your items properly in preparation for the move. There are important things that many people forget to do during a move and only remember after settling in the new location. Read on to find out important things that you shouldn't forget to take care of when moving to a new home.

Obtain family records

Most people forget to get their family records when moving. While this may seem like a minor issue, the process of traveling back to obtain them can be inconveniencing and expensive, especially if you are moving to a different state. Before making a move, ensure you have the following records with you.

•    Medical records. Visit your family doctor and obtain all the relevant medical records for your entire family. These can be of great help to your new doctor when it comes to assessing your medical history and administering treatment.

•    Education records. Collect any certificates, recommendation letters, and academic transcripts from your children's schools, as they can be useful when enrolling them in a new school.

•    Veterinary records. If you have a pet, obtain the veterinary records from the veterinary doctor as well as any records for ongoing treatment.

Cancel mail and local memberships

If you are enrolled in a gym, book club, golf club, library, or any other club, ensure you cancel the memberships before making the move. However, note that some facilities such as gyms have several centers in different cities and states; therefore, before canceling your membership, find out if they have a facility in your new location and whether you can transfer there. Also remember to cancel your mail until you obtain a new postal address in your new location.

Get your medical prescriptions

If you or a member of your family is under medical prescription, you should ensure that you pick them up. Alternatively, you can have your pharmacist write a new prescription which you can use to purchase the drugs from a pharmacy in your new location.

Return borrowed and rented items

Most people forget to return borrowed and rented items when moving to a new home. Whether it's a library book, your neighbor's machete, or a rented drill, don't move with them, because doing so can taint your reputation. You can also be charged for failing to return items that you rented for a specified period.

Moving to a new location is a stressful moment, and one is bound to forget some few things. Before moving, ensure you have undertaken all of the above to make sure that you don't lose money or suffer inconveniences after moving to your new home. You can work with removalists to take some of the stress off your hands and make the whole process easier.