How to obtain accurate removal quotes

30 June 2016
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Moving home may be an overwhelming experience, therefore it's vital to steer clear of any nasty surprises as regards the total cost charged by your removalist. Here are four important tips to help you make sure the quotes you obtain are accurate.  

Removal survey

A pre-move survey allows your potential removalists to examine the volume of house items you intend to move. As a result, they can provide you with an accurate price quote. Typically, a removals company provides a binding quote following the survey, based on the household items shown to the estimator as well as any extra services which you may want. Therefore, make sure the estimator sees all the items you wish to move. Failure to mention everything may see your removalist arrive with little resources and the price of your move may be considerably increased should the removalist need to provide extra vans or labour on the day. 

Additionally, you should also inquire about any extra services, including packing and dissembling furniture, and ask what amount these will cost. Typically, these are part of the hidden charges that many people don't know about that end up causing them huge stress at the end of the move. Contact local professionals, such as those from Price's Removals, for further assistance.


Most removalists are insured, however, it's worth ascertaining what you're covered for under the terms and conditions of the removal company. Some companies may only cover you up to a certain percentage under their removals insurance, even though you may want further cover for your items. If you want to buy additional insurance, the removalist will specify in their quotes if they offer this alternative and what percentage of your good's worth you can anticipate to pay.


Will you need storage while moving? If the answer is yes, ask the removalist whether the storage rate is included in the quote or not.

Specialist items

Moving specialist goods and items such as antiques, fine art, piano, and chandeliers may incur additional charges, given that they are likely to require specific equipment in order to move the goods safely, in addition to the removal company's expert skill. If you own any of these specialist goods, make sure you show them to the removal estimator during the pre-move assessment so that they can incorporate them into your removal quotation.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned tips can help make sure the quote you receive is accurate and whether it includes additional services or not. After all, you don't want to incur additional expenses at the end of your move when you had budgeted for the price indicated on the quote.