Avoid These Mistakes When Trying to Save Money on a Removalist

24 May 2016
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Moving to a new home can be expensive, which is why many people look to save money when moving, however possible. You may be thinking you can trim or cut the costs of working with a removalist with a few simple tricks; while there are some things you can do to save money on this, there are a few things you also want to avoid. Note some of them here and why it's important to reconsider these plans.

1. Using cheap boxes

Taking boxes out of the trash bin of the supermarket or buying boxes at a discount store can be a mistake. Damaged boxes or those made of thin cardboard can easily break under the weight of even your lightest items, and wet cardboard such as those you might pick out of the trash might be holding mold and mildew that gets transferred to your things. The boxes provided by a removalist might be more expensive but there's often a reason for that; they're new, sturdy, come in a wide range of sizes, and are the best choice for keeping your items secure during your move.

2. Using your furniture as storage pieces

You might be tempted to try to save on the number of boxes and bags you need for moving by putting things in dresser drawers, inside your stove if you're taking that with you, and so on. However, this can easily weigh down the bottoms of drawers and racks in your furniture or stove and cause them to crack and break. Your removalist may even ask that you remove these drawers and may take the door off the oven for safer moving, so don't assume they can work as storage pieces.

3. Foregoing storage

A good choice for moving is to get a storage unit for a month or a few weeks before your move so you can pack up some boxes and get them out from underfoot, rather than trying to pack everything the night before your move. You might consider trying to forego this option in order to avoid the expense, but remember that this will usually make your move more stressful overall, as you put off packing until the last minute or have stacks of boxes you need to work around for weeks. This might also cause items to get damaged if they're underfoot or if stacks of boxes topple. Rather than risk this, ask your removalist company about their storage options.

You can also shop around for a cheap removalist company to save money on moving costs.