5 Top Tips For Packing Your Garage

22 June 2016
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Moving the contents of your garage can be an intimidating task, especially if you've accumulated a lot of junk.  Here are five top tips on how to make your garage move go smoothly.

Preparation and planning

Well in advance of your moving date, spend a day or two sorting through the contents of your garage and throwing out everything that you don't need.  If you're inclined to be a magpie and accumulate heaps of stuff that you never use, be ruthless and hire a skip!

Obtain plenty of strong cardboard boxes and packing tape from your removalists, together with a permanent marker pen so that you can label the boxes clearly.  A few moving blankets could also prove useful if you have large breakable items to pack. 

Small re-sealable plastic bags are also handy for bits and bobs that could be lost.  If you have to disassemble a larger item in order to move it, tape the bag of its integral fixings and screws to the side of the article itself.  It's also a good idea to take photos of items that you've had to take apart to pack so that you have a guide for reassembly later.

Non-permitted or dangerous items

There are certain items that are often found in people's garages that removalists are not prepared to transport for safety reasons.  Such items are generally flammable, corrosive or explosive:

  • petrol, diesel or oil
  • paint and paint thinners
  • gas bottles
  • chemicals
  • car batteries

If you have any of these items in your garage, it's well worth checking with your removalists to see what they will and will not take before you begin packing.

Packing tools and gardening implements

If you have a tool box, put small items such as screwdrivers, spanners etc inside so that they won't be mislaid. 

Larger tools and those with exposed blades should be enclosed in bubble wrap and moving blankets to protect them from damage.  These items should then be stored securely in stout boxes and clearly labelled so that your removalists are aware of the potentially harmful items inside.

Long-handled items such as rakes, hoes and the like should be tied together with string to make them more stable and to stop them from toppling over during transit.

Fuel-powered equipment

If you have any items that are petrol or diesel powered, you'll need to drain all fuel from the tanks before removalist companies will move them.  You can either do this with a hand pump or use a piece of hosepipe and siphon the fuel out into a container.


If you own bicycles, the best way to transport them without risk of damage is to obtain special cardboard cycle boxes from a bike shop.  Your cycles should be transported upright and placed on the removal van where they won't be squashed by heavy items of furniture.

Packing your garage can be a breeze with good preparation and planning and by using the right packing techniques as outlined above.