How To Execute An Interstate Move

21 March 2023
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Moving interstate can be exciting and stressful. While the prospects of moving to a new geographical location can thrill your family, moving the household could present many challenges. Below are some insights on how to execute a successful interstate move. 

Hire An Experienced Removalist 

Most removalists can conduct local moves. However, you need an experienced professional to help you move interstate. Conduct background research to determine the competence of the various interstate removalists. For example, do they have a permit to move your items from your state to the new location? How do clients rate the removalist's services? These assessments can help you compare the various removalists and help you choose one that fits your needs. 

Create A Removal Plan

A removal plan is a critical aspect of your interstate move. Ideally, it covers the following; 

  • The date and time you intend to move.
  • How long will the move take? It ensures you know when you will be settled in your new home.
  • How the removalist plans to move your items. Sometimes, the removalist could opt for railway or sea transport to save moving costs.
  • Your obligations during the preparation process. For example, the removalist could ask you to create an inventory to determine what needs to be moved. They could also ask you to inform your property manager about the move and secure a parking space.
  • The items you are allowed to move to your new state. For instance, some states prohibit you from bringing specific plants or animals.
  • How you want your new property arranged. It prevents confusion as the removalist arranges your household items. 
  • The required insurance coverage. Removals insurance is a must-have when moving interstate since unfortunate incidents could occur during the move. 

The plan also details the services you require from the removalist. For example, you might want them to organise special transport for your antiques and paintings. Besides, you might need temporary storage space in your new premises. 

Assess The Moving Costs 

Ask the removalist for a quote once you agree on the specifics of executing the move. Your immediate concerns would be the service terms and conditions. For example, how much deposit does the removalist need? What is their refund policy? How should you make other payments? The general rule is to ensure these conditions suit your financial situation. Then, evaluate and negotiate the removal charges. Besides asking for a discount, you could also negotiate for complimentary services. For example, the removalist could provide free storage or tow your ATV for free. 

For more information, contact interstate removal services near you.