3 Furniture Removal Tips Recommended by Professionals

27 September 2022
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Moving is one of the necessary but unpleasant activities for homeowners. One of the challenges with the moving process is hauling heavy furniture pieces from the house to the moving vehicle and offloading them. Some types of furniture are also delicate, and poor handling can lead to massive damage. It is advisable to ask for professional help when moving large furniture items. These are some of the top tips that our professionals recommend for furniture removal. 

Get the Right Moving Tools

Most people believe that with the help of a few friends, they can lift anything in their home and get it off the truck. However, some items like couches and portable wardrobes are heavy. You might throw your back or incur other injuries trying to lift something heavier than your ability. Also, your partner might drop the end of the piece of furniture and cause you serious injuries. Professional movers have doilies, trolleys and harnesses that make the work easy. They also have docks to help them load the furniture onto the truck and remove it. 

Use the Right Safety Gear

Think about your safety as you move the furniture. Personal safety means protecting yourself from eventualities like furniture dropping on any part of your body, glass breaking and cutting through your skin and other similar accidents. Complete moving attire should have heavy-duty shoes that can protect you against getting hurt. Look for hard hats for the head, gloves to protect the hands and overalls to protect your clothes from dust and other grime from the furniture. Kneepads offer additional protection if you fall during the move. 

Get the Right Size of Van

The size of the moving truck depends on how much furniture you plan to move. Some people hire one separately and try to move with the help of friends. It might complicate the process because you might not have the expertise to tell when certain pieces of furniture are too large for the truck. It makes better sense to hire a moving company because they bring the van and all the other supplies needed to accomplish the move. They also offer rearranging services once they get to your destination.

The best way to remove your furniture is by hiring professionals for it. The experts understand all the risks involved and have the recommended removal tools. They will make the process easy, fast and efficient when used. For more information on furniture removal, contact a professional near you.