Removal Preparation Tips

18 July 2022
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Proper preparation is a critical aspect of ensuring a successful move. However, most people do not know how to prepare for a move. Therefore, the moving day becomes chaotic since there is too much to do. However, you can avoid this confusion by considering these removal preparation tips. 

Ask for an Inspection

Ask your removalist to visit your home a few days before the move. During the visit, the removalist examines your household items to determine the equipment and number of people needed to pack and load the items. The inspection also helps the removalist identify risks that could complicate the removal process. For example, your property could have narrow exits that could make it challenging to move bulky items. In this case, the removalist could opt to dismantle your furniture or use cranes to lower bulky items from the upper floors. During the inspection, the removalist could also ask you to secure a strategic parking space to ensure the removal crew has an easy time loading your items. The assessment also prevents time wastage on the moving day as the removalist tries to locate your property. Contact furniture removalists for more information. 

Packaging Equipment and Boxes 

Some customers opt to procure moving equipment to cut removal costs. If this is your case, ask the removalist to quote the packaging supplies needed during the home inspection. For instance, you could need bubble wrap, old newspapers, removal blankets and cartons. Most removalists stock these supplies. However, you could save costs by purchasing used packaging supplies. 

Preparing Kids 

Your kids are a vital aspect of the move. If you do not inform them about the relocation, they could get anxious or angry on the moving day. Informing them about the move allows them to make their own preparations. For instance, they could return borrowed books or toys and say goodbye to their friends. On the eve of the moving day, pack any supplies the kids could need before the removalist unpacks your items at the new residence. For instance, toddlers could need diapers and medicines, while their older siblings could need their toys, gadgets and snacks. 

Preparing Pets

If your household has pets such as dogs or cats, make adequate preparations on how to move them. When moving interstate or to another country, check if there are laws that prohibit you from relocating with your pets. The best way to move your pets is using a basket. However, if you have ferocious canines, hire a dog moving company to move the dogs.