Things to Do Before Removal Day to Make the Process Easier

28 February 2022
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The more organised and ready you are on moving day, the easier it will be to move to your new home. A bit of forethought and planning will make the day much less stressful. Here are some things you should take care of before moving day.

Disassemble Furniture

Moving large, awkwardly shaped pieces of furniture from a home to a truck can be challenging. You can lessen the drama by disassembling as many flatpack furniture items as possible. This may include desks, chairs, tables, and bookcases. In some cases, doing so turns unwieldy items into neat rectangle packages that are easy to carry. To avoid chaos when connecting everything back together, put the screws and attachments in sealable, labelled bags. Disassembly jobs need patience and calm. So it's best not to leave this job to the last moment.


Most removalists charge by the hour, and one truckload will only hold so much. To keep costs down, only move the stuff you want to keep and not all the things you were planning to sell at a garage sale that never materialised. Before moving day, get rid of any stuff you don't want. You could sell, donate, or recycle it. Otherwise, your removalists may need to carry an extra load, and you'll pay more to move things you'd rather leave behind.

Ensure a Clear Pathway

Another way to make the day run more smoothly is to trace the removalists' path while carrying your furniture beforehand. For example, walk where they'll go with a large sofa in tow. Will it be easier to go down the narrow hallway to the front door or through the kitchen and out the back? Measure the widths of doorways and different paths and the proportions of large furniture items. Also, ensure a clear pathway without toys or potted plants that can trip people up. The actual move will be easier if you've considered all the options.

Keep Kids and Pets Out of the Way

Another thing to arrange before furniture removal day is to take care of any children or pets. A dog anxiously running underfoot and barking can increase stress levels and possibly cause accidents. Plus, small children can also get in the way and are in danger of being injured. For the most seamless move, work out whether you want to arrange someone to babysit the kids and someone to mind the pets.

If you need help with furniture removal, talk to a removalist in your area.