How To Move Your Home Within A Short Period

13 April 2021
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Moving your home is no easy task. It is especially so if you need to move within a few days. Below is an explanation of how you can successfully move your home in the shortest possible time. 

A removalist will help reduce the stresses and hassles of moving within a short period. Below are some considerations to make when hiring a removalist. 

  1. Check the removalist's specialisation. It is especially so if you need to move a lot of items long distances. Remember, some removal companies may not have the capacity to handle a large move.
  2. The removalist must be available on short notice. Some removalists might charge a small extra fee since they will have to reschedule other moves.
  3. As a rule, the removalist must provide removal insurance coverage.
  4. Assess the removalist's workforce. They should deploy experienced personnel who can work under pressure without damaging your items. 

The removalist may not be in a position to conduct a house inspection before the move. Therefore, you should give them a brief of the move. For example, give accurate details of where you live and your new premises. It will help the removalist determine the fastest route. You will also need to provide the following information: 

  1. How did you move your current furniture and electronics into your home? It will help the removalist determine whether they need specialised equipment to move these items.
  2. What floor do you live on? If you live in a storey apartment, the removalist could need more employees.
  3. What type of furniture do you have in your home? What are the dimensions? Can the furniture be dismantled?
  4. What is the value of items inside the premises? It helps the removalist determine suitable insurance. 

Ask the removalist about your obligations. For instance, the professional could ask you to transport your valuables and sensitive items. As a rule, you should pack these items before the removalist arrives. Remember to pack essentials such as snacks, clothes, toiletries, and any other items you could need before unpacking your items. To ease the removalist's work, organise ample parking for the removals truck and ask other tenants to avoid using the hallways and staircases. 

Once the removalist arrives at your house, take them around the various rooms to ensure they understand the orientation of your home. Besides, give the removalist a brief of how you would want your items packed and labelled. For example, you may need some items in your study moved to your bedroom in the new premises. Warn removalists of any hazards in your home. It will help prevent accidents and property damage. 

You do not have to be stressed when moving your home within a short period. Work with an experienced removalist and consider the recommended preparation tips. 

For more information, contact a removals service in your area today.