Why You Should Consider A Springtime Move

17 January 2017
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Moving interstate at the right time of year can make everything go so much more smoothly, and scheduling your move for the springtime has plenty of benefits.

Here are four good reasons for planning to move home in the spring.

  1. The weather is more pleasant than in summer or winter Packing up and moving your stuff from your home can be tiring and stressful. Carrying out this job in baking heat or freezing cold can make the job all the more unpleasant. Spring tends to bring comfortable temperatures; not too hot, not too cold. There's nothing worse than carting boxes from your home to the removal van in the pouring rain. Wet weather moves put your possessions at risk from water damage during transit and can leave vulnerable fabrics vulnerable to infestation by mould and mildew. If you're moving houseplants, fish, antiques, or valuable musical instruments that are temperature-sensitive, a springtime move is far less likely to see such items damaged by unsuitable temperatures.  
  2. Removalists' fees will be lower Summer is the most hectic season for house moves, and for this reason removalists' are harder to book and are often more expensive too. If possible, schedule your move to happen before the kids summer holidays, and you may find that a quote for moving just before this peak time could work out much cheaper.  
  3. Removalists' schedules are more flexible Moving during the off-peak spring season could mean that you will have more luck in securing the moving day of your choice, as removalists' diaries tend to be more flexible.  A freer schedule may also allow you to move at short notice if you need to.  
  4. It's easier to sell your home during the spring months Once the winter is over, people's thoughts turn to moving house, and springtime traditionally sees an upswell in house sales. This means that you could sell your home quickly and for a slightly higher price than you would get at other times of the year. Couple this with a more flexible removalists' schedule and you could sell your home and move within a few weeks!

In conclusion

Taking all the above advantages into account, you can see that a spring move interstate is definitely the way to go. You could save money, have a wider choice of moving date, and save yourself the worry of weather-related problems. For more guidance and advice on moving home, give your local professional removalists a call today.