Important Questions to Ask a Removalist Company Before a Move

4 May 2016
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Hiring a removalist company for a move can be the wisest choice; they can ensure your items are packed and shipped safely, and may even help with tearing down and then setting up certain items as well, saving you that time and effort. Even if you do work with a removalist company, you want to ensure you know everything involved with your move and that it will be successful, so note a few questions you might ask them before your move begins.

1. Ask about prohibited items for shipping overseas or out of the country

There are often many laws in place that keep you from taking certain items out of the country or shipping them overseas, even if you own those items. This might include something like rare antiques that are not allowed to leave the country, or exotic plants and pets that are prohibited in your new country of residence. In some cases, you might not even be able to pack wine or alcohol. Whatever the case, always ask for a list of prohibited items if you're moving overseas or out of the country, and especially if you have items like wine, plants, exotic pets, and so on.

2. Ask about their insurance coverage

A removalist should have insurance to cover the cost of your goods if they should get lost or damaged during transit, but you might want to ask about their coverage amount. If it's very low, you should speak to your homeowner's insurance company about additional coverage options, or ask the removalist company if they can raise their coverage just for your trip. This might mean an extra fee for you but it can be worth that cost if it means knowing your goods are covered.

3. Ask what they take down and set up

Many removalist companies will take down and set up bed frames, but note if they will do the same for exercise equipment, swing sets, trampolines, and other such items. If you have an air hockey table, a weight station for working out, or anything else that is large and bulky and which probably cannot be transported in one piece, always ask if they manage this type of dismantling. The removalist company may want to inspect and assess your items well in advance of your move so they can plan on disassembling those items; otherwise, you may need to handle this work on your own.