What to Pay Attention to When Evaluating a Used Shipping Container

27 April 2016
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You may find it hard to pick a used shipping container to buy for your storage needs if you do not have a checklist to help you during the evaluation of the different options available. Use the factors below to help you to make the right choice as you compare the condition of different used shipping containers.

The Floor

Examine the floor of the used shipping containers carefully. Do you see any signs of rot? Was a layer of plywood placed over an existing layer? Do you see signs of extensive rusting? A used shipping container that is worth buying should have a floor that is in a good condition. Such a floor should be dry with no signs of decay or wet rot. If the original floor was removed, the replacement floor should have been installed properly so that there are no gaps or holes within it. It should have also been sealed to protect it from moisture.

The Corners

Be very particular when examining the top and bottom corners of the used shipping containers. Condensation easily accumulates in those places, causing corrosion to develop. Confirm that the corners of the shipping container that you wish to buy are free from extensive rust that can compromise the integrity of the container. Minor rust on the surface can be painted over. However, rust that penetrates the top or bottom rails can weaken the container.

The Doors

The doors are the most used components of a shipping container. Find out how easily the doors of the different shipping containers open or close before you choose a used container to buy. Doors in a good condition should not require you to use a lot of energy to open or close them. Good doors should also have a layer of grease to protect the hinges from rust. That grease also eases the movement of the door as you close or open it.

The Walls

Do not be put off by minor dings and dents on the walls. Such surface imperfections are inevitable as forklifts and other materials handling equipment load or offload shipping containers. Instead, pay more attention to the magnitude of rust on the walls. The rust should not penetrate the thickness of the walls. Avoid buying a shipping container that has walls that have holes due to rust.

Follow the inspection guidelines above and you will select a used shipping container that won't disappoint you once you start using it for storage.