3 Tips For Storing Your Boat in a Self-Storage Unit

27 April 2016
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If you're looking for boat storage solutions, you may want to consider a self-storage unit. However, you should not just park the boat in the storage and call it a day. You must prepare the boat and ensure certain conditions inside the storage unit. Here are some tips for storing your boat in a self-storage unit.

Clean and Wax the Boat Beforehand

The finish and exterior areas of the boat need to be protected. To start with, make sure the boat is cleaned thoroughly on the inside and outside. If you have debris buildup on the boat, it can lead to corrosion and rust of that area over time while the boat is being stored. After washing the boat and letting it dry, apply a coat of wax. This helps to protect the gel coating that is on the exterior of the boat, keeping that glossy finish and preventing body damage while the boat is in the self-storage unit. It is a good idea to return to the storage unit and apply additional coats of wax to the boat every few months that it is in storage.

Get the Engine Ready

One of the more difficult things to keep in good condition in your boat while it is stored is the engine. You should inspect the engine and associated connections before storing the unit. The wires and hoses need to be in good condition; otherwise you need to have them replaced. As you are checking the engine, let the engine run for a little bit, then remove the old oil filter and add a new one. You should also change the oil at this time. Consider flushing out the engine with new water to keep it from overheating. Putting new spark plugs into the mechanical system might also be necessary.

Don't Store the Boat Directly on the Ground

When you are ready to haul the boat into the storage unit, make sure you lay down some cardboard or pieces of wood on the ground first. You don't want your boat tires to touch the ground directly, or you might find that they are damaged when you return to the unit. Make sure the rubber of the tires is completely off the cold ground.

If you can get a storage unit that has climate control, you will be able to keep the boat in better condition. This reduces moisture and humidity, allowing you to keep your boat as dry as possible.