What to Do If a Sofa Doesn't Fit Through the Door

28 March 2016
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If you are currently planning on a move, but your sofa doesn't fit through the door of your new home, it can be a very frustrating experience. Even a difference of a few inches can keep you from being able to get that sofa into your new home. Here are some things to do if your sofa doesn't fit.

Disassemble the Furniture

When you are struggling to fit furniture through the door of your new home, you should start by trying to assemble it. While it might not completely disassemble, you might be able to remove small pieces that allow it to fit through. For example, if your sofa almost fits but is only a few inches too big, try seeing if the bottom feet of the sofa screw off. If so, this might be enough space to get it through the door. Take a close look at your sofa to see if any parts of it can be removed to make it slightly smaller so it fits.

Take the Door Off its Hinges

You might also need to take the door off its hinges if your sofa won't come apart. This isn't an ideal solution, but sometimes it's the only way. Before you take off the front door, check around the side and back of the house to measure those doors. It might be possible that the door going from the garage to the interior of the house is slightly bigger, or that there is enough room if you go through the sliding glass doors coming in from the patios. All you should need for removing the door is a screwdriver. This can give you a little more space to get that sofa through. Make sure you are also moving the sofa around in different angles.

Go Through a Window

Another option is to attempt to get the sofa through a window. In some cases, the windows on the bottom floor of the home are actually a little larger than the door. This is particularly true with large windows in the front room or back patio windows. If you are moving into an apartment, this might not be a possibility, but don't forget to check the doors of the patio. You may be able to push the sofa over the patio, then fit it through those doors.

If none of these options work, it is time to call a professional furniture removalist company. They often have techniques they can use to get sofas through small doors, even when it seems like there isn't enough room.