Removalists: 3 Considerations When Downsizing From A Home To An Apartment

26 January 2016
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If you're retired or simply don't want the hassle of added household maintenance, then downsizing from a home to an apartment is an excellent idea. But before you actually make the transition, you must consider some factors during the moving process when working with your removalists.

Establish What Goes Into Your Apartment And What Goes In Storage

Naturally when you downsize from a home to an apartment, some items simply may not fit into the smaller space. While you have the choice to get rid of these items completely, you may decide to hold on to some items that hold sentimental value. You may also choose to preserve them for you or your children to use in the future. For example, precious paintings, intricate furniture, vintage beds and antique crystalware are all items you may not want to throw out, but they certainly don't fit into your new apartment. You can choose to preserve them in the storage unit until you need them again. Many removalists offer storage units, while others may have access to storage at discounted prices. Storage is an important consideration, so make sure your removalists offer this solution.

Prepare For Disassembling Bulky Furniture

While you've probably taken large entryways and doorways for granted in your home, keep in mind that apartment doorways are much smaller and narrower. This means that most of your bulky furniture like wardrobes, beds, cupboards, sofas and dining tables will need to be disassembled before you move them into your tinier apartment. Depending on your capability, you can either choose to do this on your own or you can hire the removalists to undertake this additional task for a fee. Either way, disassembling bulky furniture is perhaps the best way of fitting them into your new apartment.

Check For Any Building Moving Limitations

Before the removalist's truck reaches your new apartment building, get in touch with the building manager to find out whether there are any restrictions with respect to parking the truck and taking up furniture in the lift to your new place. Many buildings have time restrictions, so they allow furniture and moving to take place only during specific times. Some buildings may only allow street parking, so you may need to acquire a parking permit from your local council. A building may also require removalists to have proper insurance in case of any property damage, so make sure you choose a removalist with adequate insurance cover.

Work closely with your removalists and make sure you consider these smart factors when downsizing from a home to an apartment. For more information about preparing for a move, contact a company like Atkins Removals & Storage Pty Ltd.