Tips to Remember When Storing Furniture

16 December 2015
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You might need to store furniture due to relocating to a smaller home or for any number of reasons. No matter why you choose to store furniture, it is important that you take measures to ensure that the furniture items you store are protected. Placing them haphazardly into a storage space is not enough to ensure that they remain in great condition. It is important that you are aware of the most effective furniture storage tips that are designed to make sure that your property is protected.


Many people assume that plastic is a great way to protect furniture items that are placed in storage. Plastic is relatively cheap and can securely wrap around items, but it is not the best option. You should actually avoid using plastic on furniture that you place in storage. Plastic does not allow furniture to breathe. This means that your furniture will most likely retain a musty smell of have moisture damage of some kind if you choose to wrap it in plastic. The superior option to plastic is fabric. Wrapping your furniture in fabric before you put it in storage is ideal. Old sheets and blankets are fabrics that you have around the house and can be used to wrap your furniture items. These materials are breathable, but still provide the protection that is required. All furniture items that you wrap in fabric will be properly ventilated, but will also be protected from dust or scratches.


You might think that you need to make the most out of the storage space that you have available and pile furniture on top of one another, but this is not ideal. It is always essential that you leave space in between items when you are storing furniture. This allows for air to flow freely. You will have higher costs in the future if you place furniture items to closely together. It is best to pay for the cost of more storage space initially than to replace all furniture due to damage at a later time.


It is always best to avoid putting furniture directly on the floor in storage space. You never know if flooding will occur. You can prevent against flood damage by making sure to place all furniture on pallets. This means that the furniture will not directly be exposed to the floor of the storage space. Also be sure to not place large items on top of furniture for long periods of time, because they will leave behind markings that are permanent.