Why Should You Use a Furniture Removalist for Your Next Move?

18 May 2015
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If you're planning a move for either your home or the office, you may be tempted to just hire a truck and have some friends or even your own staff help with the process. While it may seem cheaper and easier to do this than to hire a furniture removalist, there are many advantages to leaving this type of work for professionals. Before you put down a deposit on a truck rental and break the news to your staff that they need to start lifting furniture, note a few of those advantages here.

1. Liability

Any injury that is suffered by a member of your staff while doing work for you is your liability as a business owner, and this includes any injuries they may suffer while moving desks or other furniture. This is also true if a friend were to injure his or her back or otherwise get injured during a move; you may be liable for their medical costs.

In some cases your homeowner's insurance may pay for this, but not always. If you don't have renter's insurance you may also be held liable for the cost of their injuries, above and beyond what their own medical insurance may cover.

At the office, your worker's compensation insurance may not cover this type of activity if it's not part of the job description of your employees. This is usually reason enough to think about hiring professionals for your move.

2. Damage to your items

Professional furniture removalists know how to move all your furniture items, from big and bulky sofas and desks to more delicate computer and electronics. They may have specialised equipment they use for each type of piece so that it gets moved gently and easily and is less likely to suffer damage.

You may not think of the cost of replacing used things or may assume that your homeowner's insurance or business insurance you have will cover these costs, but note that an insurance policy may have a deductible you need to meet before being reimbursed. The cost of that deductible or of replacing even one piece of furniture can be more than the cost of a removalist. Your insurance rates might also go up after such a claim.

It's also good to know that even a removalist does damage an item of yours, they will have insurance against which you can file a claim. You don't need to worry about a deductible when filing a claim against someone else's insurance, but will simply be reimbursed for the cost of replacement. This makes calling a furniture removalist the most affordable choice for moving your home or your office.